Abyssinian Cat Price Range: Abyssinian Kittens for Sale

For cat lovers, everything about the cat we find adorable, the fur, the eyes, the tiny feet, even their meows, one of which must be mentioned is the Abyssinian cat. Lots of cat lovers have been searching for Abyssinian cat price.

However, have you tried of raising a cat? You know they are not only free and we spend money to feed it, but also the unnamed expenses I will list for you right below. 

These expenses include the cost of adopting the boy, the bed, the clothes, the toilet, the travel backpack, the toys, the food bowls, the medical expenses, and many other expenses. 

Are you ready to adopt a cat? Here is everything about the Abyssinian cat price I listed out for your reference.

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Abyssinian Cat Price: Cost To Own An Abyssinian

Wondering if an Abyssinian cat is expensive? You can adopt the boy for free, adopt or you will pay for it.

1. Free

Now there are so many platforms for sale or acquisition of old furniture but sell pets. Maybe their owners don’t want to keep them anymore. Since they are too naughty, or they have so many babies that the cost of raising them can not be met for each cat. So people can give to others, the owner loves cats and is willing to adopt them, that cat will not be disadvantaged and starving. 

But you know not to ask for an Abyssinian cat is extremely rare, because this is a cat with very beautiful fur. In addition, you will be given an old cat. Instead of spending money to buy them, you will have to spend ancillary costs around to take good care of that cat.

2. Adoption

This is easier to find an Abyssinian cat, you can go to an adoption center, but you have to be quick to adopt a cat of this breed. As I said above, this species is rare. 

And Abyssinian cat price range can run anywhere from $100 to $250.

3. Breeders

Everything gets expensive when you receive a cat from breeders. But it’s the easiest way to get an Abyssinian cat you want. 

Abyssinian cat price falls into the $1,200 – $2,200 range, depending on the color and origin of the cat.

4. Initial Examination Costs

When you have an Abyssinian cat, you should take the cat to the doctor to see if the cat has any diseases or health problems then buy medicine for them. The cost can be around $150 each time, depending on your cat’s health condition.

Costs of Cat Essentials Abyssinian Car Price: Cost To Own An Abyssinian

When it comes to Abyssinian cat price, or any pet’s price, cost of cat essentials are must-haves. Here’s the list of cat essentials you should be aware of.

  • ID Card and Collar:  $20
  • Spay / Neuter: $300
  • Vaccinations: $150
  • Tests/Exam: $150
  • Tick: $20
  • Bed: $25
  • Brush: $10
  • Little box: $30
  • Little scoop: $5
  • Toys: $25
  • Carrier: $35
  • Scratch Pad: $30
  • Food and water bowls: $30

Abyssinian Cat Price: Monthly Switching Cost

There is a lot of cost to raise a comfortable cat, but compared to larger animals, it is much cheaper to raise a cat. If you pay the usual fee at a minimum, you need 100 dollars /month to take care of an Abyssinian cat. 

Nevertheless, when you want to pamper them, the cost can be up to 250 dollars. It depends on your financial ability. Here are the expenses you need to spend on your cat.

1. Food

You need to buy food and feed them according to their body weight if they eat more then they can become overweight. 

An Abyssinian cat weighs only 6 to 10 pounds so you should feed them half a cup of cat food. In addition, you can feed him snacks or fruit, the cost will range from 10 to 25 dollars.

2. Toothpaste For Cats

You should brush your cat’s teeth a few times a week to keep their teeth healthy, and you’ll save money on your veterinary bill. You also need to brush your cat once a week. And these costs fall in the range of 2 to 5 dollars.

Read more about cat toothpaste.

3. Veterinarios Medication 

Regarding medication, you need to give your cat a flea and tick preventative medicine, which is about 20 dollars. If the cat has health problems, the costs of visiting the doctor can go as high as about 50 dollars per month

4. Cat Insurance

You can find cheap cat insurance plans for about 15 to 25 dollars a month, which can cover up to 90% of medical expenses. So you can consider and conference.

5. Entertainment For Cats

You can buy toys for their scratching. You can go to a pet store to buy these, laser toys, regenerated toys for example. 

And in this field, there is no exact answer as to the cost of their entertainment, depending on the hyperactivity of each child. If the cat is naughty, it will cost you a higher amount of about 20 to 25 dollars per month.

Image: Рассохина Светлана


Hopefully, the above article has provided you with useful information about Abyssinian cat price.

These cats can be adorable. But keeping your cat comfortable can be quite expensive. Make sure you’re qualified enough to take the best care of them.



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