The Big Debate: Are Cats or Dogs Better?

“Are cats or dogs better?”. It is really hard to choose between a cat and a dog. Because each species has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose based on your own preferences and the conditions of raising them. In this article, I will compare some advantages of dogs and cats so that everyone can choose easily.

3 things dogs are better
3 things dogs are better – Image: David Palmer

3 Things Dogs Are Better Than Cats

1. Dogs can protect their owners

Usually, cats will hide when something happens. On the contrary, the nature of dogs is to protect their owners and territories. Although dogs are friendly animals, they are always on high alert when meeting people again. They will even become aggressive when someone tries to harm their owner. It does not matter whether the dog is big or small, they will all have their own way to protect their owners and warn them of the dangers around. There is no doubt that dogs will always put the safety of their owners first, so they will not be afraid to sacrifice themselves for their owners.

2. Dogs accept change more easily than cats

Cats do not like change, especially when it comes unexpectedly. Because they are quite sensitive to their surroundings. While dogs will also be scared and anxious when it comes to changes, such as moving to a new home, it usually takes less time than cats to accept these changes. However, owners still need to spend time with them when any changes occur. This will help the dog calm down and feel more secure.

3. Dogs are easier to train

In fact, you can also train your cat if you want. But this will require more time, technique, and patience. Almost all the cat lovers also admit this. Because cats soon get tired of the training sessions and they will leave, even if their owners reward them with snacks they like. By contrast, dogs seem to enjoy being trained. They will not hesitate to do as their owner asks and will be happy to receive the reward afterward. They take it as a compliment and feel proud.

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3 things cats are better
3 things cats are better – Image: Zilin Xu

3 Things Cats Are Better Than Dogs

1. Cats are quieter than dogs

As I said before, dogs are very safety-conscious animals. They will bark or growl when they see strangers. This is a strong point for dogs, but it is also a disadvantage if you like the quiet or want to keep a dog in an apartment. Cats are quite quiet, sometimes they will meow, but it does not make a big difference. Besides, they prefer to lie down by the window basking in the sun rather than running around. So you do not have to worry about spending time walking them. And they usually won’t ask for it either.

2. Cats are more hygienic than dogs

Dogs are active animals. They are very active and chaotic so the coat is often attached to dirt. But dogs do not usually lick their own fur. That is why the owners need to pay attention to their dog’s personal hygiene. Cats are different, they lick their fur often to self-clean. So the owner does not need to worry too much about this.

3. Cats are easier to take care of than dogs

First of all, the owners do not need to be too concerned about taking them for a walk. This saves the owner’ time. Second, cats can self-clean, they can also find ways to entertain themselves. However, that does not mean they do not need their owners’ caresses. The owner still needs to give them cuddles sometimes.


You are probably wondering why I didn’t mention affection and loyalty. Because it’s incomparable. Both dogs and cats are sincere and loyal to their owners. They both love their owner to the moon and back. This is a sure thing so you do not need to worry about it. 

So, are cats or dogs better? If you have a chance, why don’t you try to own both a cat and a dog? It must be fun! 

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