Burmese Cat Price Range: Burmese Kittens for Sale

Burmese cats enjoy being the center of attention. They will follow their pet parents around. Typically, they are friendly towards anybody, including children & strangers. That’s why lots of cat lovers have been searching for Burmese cat prices recently.

Burmese cats are clever and self-reliant, so training these felines is a piece of cake. They can live both indoors and outdoors as long as they have room to roam around. 

If you’re thinking of getting a Burmese kitten and want to know about Burmese cat prices, keep reading our article. 

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Burmese cat price
Burmese cat price – Image: Ophelie Hrg

Burmese Cat Price: One-time Cost

When it comes to Burmese cat prices, the cost of getting a cat is one of the most concerned issues. So how much does a Burmese cost?

Breeder ($500 – $1,000)

Purchasing a Burmese from a breeder is the best option to obtain the healthiest kitten. Since cats raised by breeders take longer and more effort to raise & aren’t commonly found in local shelters, they are significantly more expensive. 

Adoption ($30 – $150)

Another option to get a Burmese is adopting. Frequently, rescue shelters take up abandoned animes & give them to loving homes for a nominal fee. Be aware that shelter felines aren’t usually in good physical condition, however, it doesn’t mean these cats don’t deserve love. 

Supplies and Initial Setup ($200 – $400)

Besides the purchasing costs, there are lots of one-time expenses, like spaying or neutering. Owning a pet entails financial responsibilities. That’s why you, especially the new pet owners, need to know what you get yourself into before your sign on the dotted line.

Here are some suggestions to give you a sneak peek of how much a typical initial setup for a cat will cost you:

  • Spay/Neuter: $145
  • A bed: $30
  • Litter box: $25
  • Food & water bowls: $30
  • Toys: $25
  • Litter scoop: $5
  • Carrier: $40

Monthly Costs 

Not only is the cost of getting a Burmese necessary, but monthly costs must also be considered when calculating the Burmese cat prices. 

Food & Treats ($20 – $40 monthly)

Burmese cats are voracious tiny animals who demand a consistent diet of high-quality, nutritious food. You have to buy a food bag over per few weeks. The monthly cood depends on the brands your choose & the number of cats. The greatest brand will be rich in fresh meat, protein, and not have grain. 

Medical Care ($10 – $60 monthly) 

This cat breed is generally healthy. However, they may require medical treatment on occasion. In their first year, vaccine shots and spaying/neutering may cost a maximum of $400.

You should keep an eye on your Burmese throughout their life by keeping track of their weight & inspecting their fur for abnormalities. If it has a persistent illness that necessitates medication, the expense will undoubtedly rise. If your cat is completely healthy, vet appointments are more of an annual event rather than a regular occurrence. 

Grooming ($0 – $40 monthly)

It’s critical to maintain your Burmese’s cleanliness and well-groomed fur. In most areas, you can locate a fantastic professional groomer. If that’s not the case, you can groom the pet yourself with basic tools such as pet shears & a mat. Grooming is necessary to keep your cat from developing hairballs. 

Additional Costs

Don’t forget to account for the possibility of unexpected expenses when owning cats. When leaving on your annual vacation and being unable to bring them with you on your trip, you will most likely need to hire a sitter. 

Additionally, there are many other emergencies that could occur. If your Manx cat exhibits behavioral issues, you should consider whether it will cost you money to clean or replace your furniture.

If you don’t purchase pet insurance, you should save money to deal with unexpected medical expenditures. The ideal amount is between $1,000 and $1,500. 

Burmese cost range
Burmese cost range – Image: Ilona Śleboda


Hopefully, the above article has provided you with useful information about Burmese cat prices.

Burmese cats can be quite economical to take good care of. If you adopt or locate a kitten for free & cover the initial fees, it’s conceivable for individuals with any budget to own a Burmese cat. 

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