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Is Peaceful Coexistence Between Cats And Dogs Possible?

Due to different appearances and characteristics, cats and dogs sometimes will not become good housemates. That’s why the coexistence between cats and dogs seems impossible.

However, under the right conditions and guidance, many cats and dogs will live happily together and become best friends in perfect harmony. This article will list some tips to help you get your four-legged friends to co-exist under the same roof.

Coexistence between cats and dogs
Coexistence between cats and dogs – Image: IG

The Coexistence Between Cats And Dogs: How To Bring Them Together?

The First Steps

In the best-case scenario where a kitten and a puppy are raised together, it should not be difficult for them to tolerate each other. In fact, the animals can grow to be the best of best friends, with such a strong bond that even the most loyal humans cannot achieve. However, if a dog or a cat is already an established house member, precautions need to be taken when you have a plan to bring another cat or dog home.

When you introduce a cat and a dog to each other for the first time, you should ensure that the latter can easily see the former, which means the cat should be at the dog’s eye level. Additionally, you should closely supervise the animals and remove the cat if one of them becomes frightened or aggressive and try this again a few hours or days later.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you separate their things and toys so that they will not get into a fight taking things from each other. And last, but not least, make sure that you never leave your cat and dog alone together until you can be certain that they are comfortable with the other, as one can get injured, scratched, or bitten.

Give Your Cat His Own Territory

Whether he shares a home with other pets, a cat always wants to have his own area. Therefore, before introducing him to your already-established dog, make sure you have already prepared a place where your kitten can retreat to when they want their own relaxing and alone time. 

Also, you may want to keep your cat’s food away from your dog and place the former’s litter tray somewhere out of the latter’s vicinity, since cats are like us humans – they want to do their business in a peaceful and private spot.

Also, dog gates are helpful since they can be used to section off areas around the house so that your cat and your dog will not trespass the other’s space while they are getting used to their future companions.

It’s About Scents

Unlike humans who use their eyes to assess the environment around them, animals (including dogs and cats) depend on both their vision and smell to observe their surroundings. Therefore, you should let your cat and dog recognize and get used to each other’s scents. This is a crucial process both animals have to overcome before they can get along with each other. 

Tricks like rubbing a towel on your dog and placing it near your cat or swapping their beddings and vice versa can probably help in getting your four-legged friends to become familiar with each other. 

Keep It Positive

It is suggested that you should avoid scolding your dog under any circumstances. For instance, if you scold your dog every time he interacts with the cat, the dog will think that the cat is the reason for the punishment he gets. Through time, it will increase the tension between the two.

However, if you praise and reward the dog for being friendly towards the cat, the former will be encouraged to show positive behaviors towards the latter.

Good Things Take Time

In some cases, if you are lucky, your cat and your dog will become housemates after only a few hours. However, it usually takes a few days or even months before you can see your four-legged companions playing, cuddling, and protecting each other as family members. Hence, you have to be patient.

How to bring cats and dogs together
How to bring cats and dogs together – Image: IG theteamxit


We hope that this article provides you with extra information related to the coexistence between cats and dogs, as well as assist you in bringing such furry friends together.

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