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Do Dogs Get Jealous? How To Deal With It?

Do Dogs Get Jealous Like Humans?

People are often jealous because they are treated unfairly, or others are more successful than themselves, it is said that this is a feeling only humans have. 

So are animals jealous? Especially our pet dogs, how will they behave when they are treated unfairly? 

Indeed, the answer to “Do dogs get jealous?” is yes. According to the latest studies this is a canine behavior, but these behaviors are often not outstanding compared to other species. 

A group of researchers from the University of California San Diego conducted the study by placing three objects on the floor including a book, a lantern, and a stuffed dog that can make dog sounds, move and let the owner hold the objects up and see the reaction of it. 

The results showed that, when its owner noticed the stuffed dog, the dog reacted by barking, biting on his shirt, and trying to squeeze into his lap, revealing round eyes. It’s pretty obvious whether dogs are jealous or not.


Why Are Dogs Jealous?

After knowing the answer to the question “Do dogs get jealous?”, you might be wondering the reason why for this behavior.

If you have several dogs in your house, if one dog enjoys the food, the rest of the dogs also expect to enjoy it, if you only prioritize one dog to eat, the remaining dogs will show jealousy or undesirable behavior.

Like humans, when we are the eldest child in the family, our mother gives birth to a baby, we often have the feeling that we do not receive the same love as before. She does not give us the attention that we are used to receiving. Mom is busy taking care of her brother, and jealousy rises. Maybe at that time, we didn’t seem to like our little brother very much. 

Dogs too, when we raise several dogs, they see us as the leader and always line up when receiving orders, very obedient. Dogs live in packs, but that doesn’t mean they’re always conflicted or aggressive with their fellow humans, but they may feel hurt if you treat one of them unfairly. 

When dogs have lived with us for a long time, developing loyalty and attachment to their owners, their instinct is to covet what they consider their own when someone takes it away. 

When dogs are jealous, there are many reasons. Some of the reasons can be that you change some habits with them. For example, you have a habit of hugging it when you go to bed, now you are busy with work or you use your phone without caring. 

Pay attention to it, it will find it abandoned because of the change in time and the interaction between its owner and it becomes less and less. 

Or maybe dogs are typically lazy, like not exercising enough, not walking regularly will make them fidget in a corner or want to do something to get your attention. 

One more obvious reason for its jealousy is that you have a new animal, a newcomer, or a newborn, when you put all your attention on them, the dog will feel jealous of the newcomer.


Signs Your Dog is Jealous

Do dogs get jealous? Yes, we are aware. So, how do you know when it occurs?

Shows Aggression

When dogs are jealous, we can see a variety of interesting expressions from them, such as growling, biting, and sometimes attacking newcomers. My dog was so angry that he rushed in to bite, scratch, and dig up his dog’s nest.

Ownership Behavior

A hurt dog will automatically jump into your lap, this is a clear sign of jealousy, this can be cute or harmless but you should teach him boundaries. its gender so it doesn’t get out of control.

How To Deal With Jealous Dogs

The best way to prevent your dog from showing his jealousy is to make sure to give it enough love, care, and interaction even if you have another pet at home. 

Give your dog moderate exercise such as taking him for a walk regularly, you can relax, the dog can improve the situation or a training session lasts 20 minutes. 

Spend more time and energy with your friend. If you see other signs of jealousy, it is also a good idea to give him a cheese stick, or favorite food, or you have to take your dog on a short trip, or whatever else your dog likes to do. 

Try to comfort them and things will get better. If you have a lot of animals or several dogs, foster a fair and happy environment. If you keep things fair among all your pets, they are less likely to get jealous. 

A strong relationship between a dog and a pet parent is the best way to keep both of them happy. Good luck.


Hopefully, the above article has answered the questions of most dog lovers “Do dogs get jealous?”, and assist you in taking the best possible care of your canine friend.

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