5 Unusual Dog Behaviors You Should Know

Dogs are gentle, trustworthy pets and have long been human companions. This adorable animal eventually becomes a cherished member of many families, but do we truly comprehend what it represents?

Learn some unusual dog behaviors with Boobeepets to better understand these close friends.

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Decipher some unusual behaviors of your dog.

It would make a lot of sense for your dog to show strange behavior after we figure out what’s causing them. Furthermore, if possible, we will find ways to suppress behavior in order to defend our puppy.

Underlying health issue can be the cause in certain circumstances, in which case you can consult with your veterinarian. A list of some of the behaviors is shown below.

Why does your dog eat the grass?

A dog eating grass may seem unusual, but it is actually quite normal. People who have had any experience with dogs may discover that this is not a cause for concern.

Grass is also a part of the carnivore diet, which is typically eaten as the carnivore consumes smaller prey and whole species, including those with grass in their stomachs. Veterinary experts have also stated that “herbivory is a common behavior in normal dogs, and it is not associated with illness, and it may not cause vomiting excessively afterward.”

While grass is usually safe to consume, you should exercise caution since it may have been treated with a herbicide or insecticide. And keep your dog away from some sharp, sharp turf, such as foxtail grass, which can badly hurt him.

Allow your dog to be happy with this behavior if the grass is in your yard and you can ensure it is clean for your dog. Additionally, consult the veterinarian to ensure there is no underlying medical problem.

Why do dogs lick human?

According to veterinary researchers, dogs lick humans for a number of reasons. Among them are the following:

  • Taste: Maybe there is a scent on your skin that draws them, similar to the fragrance of food.
  • It aids in stress reduction: Licking is a stress-relieving behavior in dogs.
  • Your puppy is vying for your attention: Perhaps your dog’s licking action is an indication that he or she needs you to pay more attention to him or her.

That may also be the behavior he learned as a puppy when he licked his mother and siblings.


What is the source of the howling dog behavior?

You may have heard the dog or other dogs howl at some time and wondered why they did so. According to several interesting research, howling is a mode of communication in dogs.

Dog howls are often used to announce their presence, either during a hunting expedition or merely to warn possible intruders. And when the dog is sad or alone, he also howls.

Dogs also howl as they: 

  • Dream of other dogs.
  • React to the howl of another dog.
  • Want to draw attention from people.
  • Respond to noises such as sirens.
  • When they are lonely, bored

If your dog howls a lot even when it is not alone, it could indicate that your pet is in pain or has some other health problem. Under any situation, you must urgently call the doctor in order to better care for your canine friend.

Why does your dog always gasp?

A dog gasping on a hot summer day is a common sight. That’s how they cool or regulate body heat.

According to studies, dogs only sweat in areas where they don’t have natural fur, so panting is the best way for dogs to use to reduce their body temperature.

So it’s fine if it’s sunny and the dog is gasping for breath. At this point, make sure your puppies stay in a cool place with enough water to drink to avoid heatstroke or heat exhaustion.

They may even gasp whether they are scared, overwhelmed, in pain, have a headache, or are feeling nauseous. Dogs may also gasp after an attack.

If you suspect your furry buddy might feel sick or hurt when it gasps, then it’s time to  take him to the vet.

Why is your dog shaking?

Similar to the way dogs gasp when hot, dogs shake when cold. If you suspect your dog is freezing, wrap it in a dog blanket or jacket. 

Furthermore, dogs tremble when they are scared or excited. A dog’s trembling can be caused by a variety of factors, including pain, chemicals, and health issues. Follow them carefully and have an appointment with your veterinarian to meet your dog straight away.


Hopefully, after reading this post, you now understand why your puppies behave strangely as mentioned above. Pay attention to improvements in your puppy’s behavior and try to identify the reasons so that you can get the best care possible.

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