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How Does Your Personality Affect How You Treat An Animal?


Have you ever wondered: “How does your personality affect how you treat an animal?”. Depending on their personality, one can treat an animal with the softest heart on the earth, or make their life miserable by frequently mistreating them.

This article will discuss some typical personalities that a person may have, and the potential ways they would treat an animal. 

How does your personality affect how you treat an animal
How does your personality affect how you treat an animal – Image: IG

How Does Your Personality Affect How You Treat An Animal?

Cruel People Exist

First and foremost, we will take on people with cold-hearted personalities. Those who develop this trait will probably consider practices like sport-hunting and animal-flesh consumption to be no moral-related problems.

As a result, these individuals will punish smaller and defenseless animals if they commit even the most minor wrongdoings. For example, there was a case taking place in Vietnam, in which a dog was beaten to death for pushing a baby when the child suddenly got in his way.

To continue, those merciless animal haters will use defenseless animals as means of entertainment, even though it could be a bloody one. The most notorious example of this point is dogfighting.

Similar to boxing, in this blood sport, trained-to-fight dogs will participate in a pit to fight each other for an average of one to two hours, or until one is unable to continue.

Furthermore, some affluent men and women would spend an insane amount of money to possess products made of animal skins such as wallets, purses, or even clothes. To those people, the life of an animal does not matter, as long as they are able to get what they want.

As an inevitable result, to meet the demands of their customers, luxury fashion brands, namely Hermès, Prada and Louis Vuitton, increase their use of fur and other exotic animal skins by ordering the materials from various dealers.

This cruel practice has led to more disheartening and tragic animal slaughters in different areas around the globe, especially the undeveloped and developing ones, where the local habitants do not seem to care about animal cruelty. 

Luckily, Not Everyone Has The Same Traits

Fortunately, not everyone has a “cold-as-darkness” characteristic. Some open-minded and kind-hearted people believe that animals deserve a happy life, just like us humans. They also imply that authorities should enact stricter laws against those who abuse any creatures, regardless of whether they are wildlife or domestic animals.

In their opinion, the basic rights of any animal will be protected if suitable solutions are taken into account.

Furthermore, some of those reputable ladies and gentlemen are even willing to form shelters to rescue and nurture abused or abandoned animals until they can find new owners who are willing to adopt and consider them as family members. 

The articles about new life family dog and rescuing a dog caught in elevator doors are great examples of such humanitarian actions.

Speaking of animal adopters, most of whom will have an easy-going, forgiving, and generous attitude. After they receive the official papers and permission to adopt their pets, they will usually introduce their four-legged friends to family members and other pets in their houses.

By doing this, these individuals not only make the newly adopted puppies or kittens feel warm and comfortable, but they also give the animals some hope that they will no longer have to worry getting beaten or abused.

After helping the animals to settle in, those amazingly warm-hearted people would then provide their pets with enough food and water.

Moreover, to ensure that their friends are not getting bored while at home, the caring animal owners will then order interactive toys, in order for their companions to engage in different activities.

Then, at week-ends or holidays, those magnificent humans will take their pets outside and show them around the neighborhood or let them take a walk in the park and meet new counterparts.

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Pets and owners
Pets and owners – Image: IG


To sum up, our personalities will partly decide whether an animal will receive good treatment or not.

Hopefully, the above article has answered the questions of most dog lovers “How does your personality affect how you treat an animal?” and assist you in taking the best possible care of your canine friend.

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