How To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy: Top 5 Ways

Learning how to keep your dog healthy and happy is essential if you want him to stay active. Also, the more proper care and appropriate behaviors your dog has, the more relieved you will be.

For dogs, health and behaviors go together and affect each other. An ill-stricken dog will exhibit signs of illness and misappropriate behaviors, while a healthy dog will show a happy and positive attitude.

This article will give you some tips on building and maintaining your dog’s physical and mental well-being.

How to keep your dog healthy and happy
How to keep your dog healthy and happy – Image: Alaa Haidar

How To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy: 5 Tips

1. Let Your Dog Engage In Daily Physical Activities

Similar to humans, exercises are good and beneficial to your dog’s physical health. You can take your dog outside for regular walks in a park near your place, or on hiking trips in the countryside to expose him to new smells and scenery. 

Furthermore, catching balls and swimming will also keep your dog excited and physically fit. However, it is recommended that you keep an eye on your dog so that they do not get exhausted (which can make your dog misbehave.).

Next, you should not forget about your dog’s mental health. To keep him thriving, it is recommended that you buy him interactive toys, as well as design and set up some obstacle courses for him to conquer.

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2. Provide Your Dog With Proper Nutrition

It is important to help your dog maintain a healthy weight, which will increase his life expectancy and prevent him from obesity, diabetes, and other diseases. To achieve that, you should ensure that you feed your pet the right amount of suitable food.

Moreover, you have to ensure that your dog receives enough fresh water every day. Last, but not least, check with your local vets to see if your friend needs any extra supplements (no more than 10% of his daily calories), and keep a close check on how much treats you give him.

3. Regular Check-ups & Grooming

It is necessary to take your dog to the local vet to have his annual examination. By doing this, you will provide your veterinarian with the chance to run various tests that can help detect early signs of serious illnesses, such as cancers or blood-related diseases in your dog.

Additionally, regular grooming sessions are the best ways to check your pet’s fur or skin for signs of dry skin and other problems such as unseen injuries. Also, it is ideal to trim his nails and check his fur for potential fleas.

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4. Affection & Socialization

Whenever you cuddle or pet your dog, you not only strengthen the emotional bond but also give him positive interaction with humans. 

Moreover, providing early socialization while your dog is in his formative years is another important thing you should do, since this provides him with appropriate exposure to various animals, people, and situations.

Later, to ensure that your dog gets enough people and animal interaction, you can take him to visit your family and friends, or bring him on a trip to your local dog park to let him interact with other four-legged companions.

5. Spay Or Neuter Your Dog

Some people may wonder what this has to do with “how to keep your dog healthy and happy”. In fact, getting your dog spayed or neutered can bring several benefits as it can reduce his probability of getting prone to cancer and other diseases such as prostate issues and perianal tumors. 

Furthermore, a spayed or neutered male dog tends to become more well-behaved and less likely to fight with other animals in your neighborhood, which will keep them safe. Meanwhile, a fixed female dog will reduce irritability and aggression following their cycle, and is less likely to wander away from home to search for her male mate.

Tips for healthy and happy dogs
Tips for healthy and happy dogs – Image: Tia Leonie


Hopefully, the above article has answered the questions of most dog lovers “how to keep your dog healthy and happy”, and assist you in taking the best possible care of your canine friend.

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