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How To Keep Your Dog Off The Furniture: 4 Best Tips

Like us humans, dogs also enjoy being comfortable when they take a break after long hours of watching our house. Therefore, it is too great of a temptation when they see their chances to lie down on a soft couch. 

However, although there are owners who do not mind allowing their dogs to accompany them on their couches, some do not want to share the space with their furry companions. Unfortunately, keeping your dogs off your couches or beds can be a never-ending battle once they have realized they have a good life. 

In this article, we will show you some tips of how to keep your dog off the furniture, as well as make them understand where their suitable places should be.

Should I Share Furniture With Your Dogs?

This depends on you. If you are pleased with your dogs leaving occasional paw prints or furs on your couches or cushions, it is a magnificent way for you and your best friends to spend time together.

However, if your dogs think they are the owners and have aggressive acts such as growling, snapping, or getting surly at you every time you try to readjust their positions, it is high time you took the privileges from them. Also, you should consult with a professional to figure out the best spot in the house for them.

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Image: IG life.of.lui
How to keep your dog off the furniture
How to keep your dog off the furniture – Image: IG howl_with_us

How To Keep Your Dog Off The Furniture

Start From The Beginning

Consistency is a crucial factor in how to keep your dog off the furniture. You should make sure that every family member knows about your “no dogs allowed” policy when it comes to couches, pillows, and other furniture since your dogs will not understand the rules if they are constantly given part-time privileges.

Furthermore, keeping your dogs off the furniture from the beginning (while they are still puppies) is the best practice.

Give Them Their Places

If you want to know how to keep your dog off the furniture, make sure you compensate for that by providing your furry best friends with a comfortable place. For example, you can give them a donut bed that comes with a bolster instead of a traditional dog bed, for they will have something to sleep with.

Moreover, if you have the budget, you can also place a few more beds in the kitchen, bedroom, and family room. Doing so will make your companions feel like they are a part of your family since they can now sleep wherever they feel comfortable.

Also, you can fill a rubber toy with delicious treats and tie it to a piece of furniture near their beds to teach them that good things will come when they stay off your couches or pillows.

Some Techniques

Do your dogs immediately jump on the couch the moment you leave the house? If the answer is yes, you should make the furniture less accessible to your furry friends by placing a baby gate around them, for example. 

Another alternative method is to put a mat that makes noise on top of the furniture so that you will know when your dogs attempt to get on them. 

Finally, you can put a car floor mat upside down on your furniture and the “gripping” teeth (which would make your canines uncomfortable sitting on the couch) will do the rest.

Training Helps

On one sunny day, you see your dogs lying and dreaming on your couch, and you feel irritated. If so, it is time to teach them the “off” cue – a friendly way to get your dog off your furniture. Firstly, you say “off” and make a sweeping hand signal as your friends begin to move from the couch.

By doing so, not only do you create a connection between the cue and his action, but you also teach them English and sign languages.

After saying the cue, immediately lead your dogs to their beds, then give them praises and delicious treats for going straight there and staying off the furniture. It is recommended that you repeat this step until your four-legged friends remember their sleeping places.

Dog on the couch
Dog on the couch – Image: IG life.of.lui


Hopefully, the above article has provided you with extra information about how to keep your dog off the furniture, and assist you in taking the best possible care of your canine friend.

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