How To Make A Dog Diaper From A Towel

When it comes to diapers, we usually think about our babies naturally. However, we do not just use them for our children; our four-legged babies will probably need one someday, especially when they have not yet mastered their early potty training. Also, senior dogs with incontinence are the ones who can utilize the benefits of diapers. 

At first, using diapers for dogs may sound like a silly idea, but, ultimately it will save you from the burden of cleaning in the long run. Also, diapers will help lift certain stress off your furry friend’s chest.

You can always make your own version of dog diapers using spare, unused towels at home. Let’s find out why and how to make a dog diaper from a towel.

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Easy steps to make a dog diaper from a towel
Easy steps to make a dog diaper from a towel

Why Should You Self-Make Dog Diapers?

If you are a first-timer when it comes to dog diapers, there will probably be some confusion about their usefulness. There are some common reasons why you should provide your dogs with diapers:

  1. Your puppies or even grown dogs have not mastered their potty training yet. In this case, diapers are needed until they can control your own “movements”. Also, providing them with diapers will definitely save you from having to clean the wet messes later.
  2. Many dogs like to mark their territories with their body wastes, especially when there are other animals in the house they are living. In this case, diapers can also solve your clean-up problems effectively.
  3. If you own a female dog who has not been neutered, diapers can keep your home and other things from getting dirty since she will go on heat several times in a year, depending on the breed your dog is.
  4. Accidents and old age can become the reasons why your dogs are unable to hold their pee in. Therefore, diapers are necessary items if your dogs are suffering from incontinence.

How To Make A Dog Diaper From A Towel?

Frequent purchases of diapers can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Fortunately, reusable diapers, which are more money-saving and environmentally friendly, can be made using an old towel from your home. 

In order to begin, you will have to get the following things ready:

  • An old towel
  • Diaper bins
  • Cutting tools, preferably scissors
  • Some measuring tape
  • Sanitary napkins (The disposable types)

After that, you can jump right into the first step – measuring your dog’s tail’s length with the tape you have prepared. 

Then, the second step requires you to cut an hourglass shape that fits your dog on the towel, which means making sure that your dog’s tail will be exactly in the same position as the hole. 

Now, you will help your four-legged companion to wear the new homemade diaper by securing it on their body using the pins we have mentioned earlier. Finally, put the sanitary napkin inside the towel diaper and you are good to go.

How to make a dog diaper from a towel?
How to make a dog diaper from a towel? You’d better show me before I…peew peew!

The Benefits Of A Towel Diaper

If you can make a diaper for your dog from a towel, a lot of your money will obviously be saved in the long run. Furthermore, by making DIY diapers from used towels, you will also contribute to the efforts of protecting our environment.

Besides environmental and economical reasons, there are many different dog breeds of various shapes and sizes, meaning that you will have a tough time finding the right-sized diapers for your puppies. 

Moreover, even if you can find one that fits their body, your dogs may feel uncomfortable. By making the diapers from old towels, you are fulfilling your responsibility to ensure your dogs are having as much comfort as they should have.


Like human babies, puppies also need to feel comfortable wearing diapers, and the ones made of spare towels will do the job.

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