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Why Do Dogs Snore? Is That Normal or Dangerous?

Why do dogs snore? On one sunny day, you are taking a nap with your canine friend when suddenly you hear some snoring, and it will either be adorable or annoying. Although it is normal in most cases for dogs, snoring may also be a warning sign of a severe health problem and must be checked by medical professionals.

This article will give you some insights into why your dog is snoring.

Why do dogs snore
Why do dogs snore – Image: @nina.vito.salchis

Snoring? What Is It?

According to scientists, snoring is a sound that is made during sleep when loose tissue in the upper airway vibrates, disrupting the normal movement of air. When this happens, you will hear grunting and harsh noises emerging from your friend’s mouth and nose.

Why Do Dogs Snore: What Can Cause Snoring In Dogs?

Some of the most common causes of snoring in dogs include:


Obesity is connected to many health problems, and it is also one potential cause of snoring in dogs. Excessive weight carried by your four-legged friends will also generate internal fat and, therefore, add to the weight of the loose tissue in the airway and palate, causing your dogs to snore.

Infections & Allergy

Like us humans, dogs can suffer from allergies caused by irritants such as smoke, pollen, or dust, and those allergies can make their airways irritated and inflamed, forcing their bodies to produce mucus to solve the problem.

Then, the combination of mucus and inflammation will cause your companions to snore, along with other symptoms such as runny noses or eyes. Furthermore, infections caused by dental problems can also cause snoring in dogs.

Sleeping On Their Back

If your dogs love to enjoy themselves by lying on their back, they may make you feel annoyed with continuous snoring sessions since their throat will be partially blocked by their tongue. The position and shape of your dog’s neck can also be a factor contributing to loud snoring.


Dogs that belong to the “brachycephalic” breed such as Chihuahuas, Pugs, or Chow Chows will possess flat or short faces, which means that their snouts are shorter than average, and they can easily be prone to breathing issues. These types of dogs will probably snore for their whole life without even a single serious health problem.

However, you should always keep your eyes on them, as they may not be able to get enough oxygen due to their breathing complications. However, this problem can be solved with surgery conducted by professionals.

Smoker In Your House

Do any of your family members smoke? If the answer is yes, you should settle your pup in a smoke-free zone within your house, since the smoke from cigarettes can cause respiratory damage and lead to further serious health problems such as asthma, which is an issue that can contribute to your companion’s excessive snoring.

Also, you should make sure that you bring your dog to a local vet to confirm that no long-term damage has been already done.

Something In Their Noses

In their life, your friend will spend time doing things like digging holes in the ground or dipping their faces into water, and that means something can probably get stuck inside their noses, which can be the cause of their snoring. In a fortunate scenario where there is a temporary obstruction in your dog’s nose, the snoring will only last a few days.

However, if the snoring persists, the best solution is to take your dog to your local vet for further examination. Additionally, if you see green or bloody nasal discharge, bring your dog to the vet immediately, as that is a sign of an infection or blockage in their nose. Furthermore, you do not want to ignore your dog’s persistent snoring because it may be a sign of a tumor or cyst. 

Dog snoring
Dog snoring – Image: @maika.white


Hopefully, the above article has answered the questions of most dog lovers “why do dogs snore?” and assist you in taking the best possible care of your canine friend.

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