Why Do People Like Dogs?: Top 4 Reasons

“Why do people like dogs so much?”. Have such question ever popped up into your head?

According to a survey that was conducted, there was 74% of people like dogs, while people like cats only make up 41%. In other words, it can be temporarily concluded that more people like dogs.

Actually, nothing is natural. Scientifically, that is because dogs have evolved to win our hearts. That evolution originates from their eyes. Japanese scientists discovered that when the owners or any person and dogs stare into each other’s eyes, it can lead to the production of a hormone that stimulates love. That hormone is called oxytocin. Thanks to this hormone, most of us feel more attached to dogs. Such hormone answered the question “Why do people like dogs?” partially.

Another research conducted by a group of experts from the University of Portsmouth (UK) said that they had found some special muscles in the dog’s face, which help them express emotions more easily. Notably, these muscles are not present in wolves, and this proves that this is a unique evolutionary mechanism of dogs to help them communicate better with humans.

Besides, owning a dog can really help improve the health and life of the owner. Do you want to know why? Keep reading this article to discover the amazing benefits of having a dog!

Why do people likes dogs
Why do people likes dogs – Image: IG Kira.thepug04

Why Do People Like Dogs – 4 Benifits of Owning A Dog

1. Life Is Better With Dogs

There is nothing better than a walk with a four-legged friend on a fresh spring morning. The cute faces and cheerful attitude of the dogs will give us positive energy to start a new day more effectively. Even when you come home after a bad day, your mood will be much better with your furry friend by your side.

2. Dogs Are Good For Your Health 

One of the dogs’ greatest benefits is their ability to make us feel calm – and that has amazing effects on our health. According to the results of a Harvard University study, they show that dog owners have a lower blood pressure than most. So next time you are feeling stressed, take a moment to relax next to your dog. 

Having a lovely dog also encourages you to exercise on a daily basis. Dogs need 30 minutes to two hours of exercise each day, depending on their size and age. Walking your dog is not only good for them but also good for your health. As a result, you can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, and depression.

3. Dogs Are Great Companions

One of the most notable other benefits of having a dog is that you almost never feel alone, as the dog is always by your side. Most dogs are very sociable and they love company. They will never turn down your invitation to hang out.

Owning a pet dog can be an incentive for you to seek out new social relationships. That is exactly why they are such great companions and solace to those who live alone. By walking around the living area, you may meet other dog owners, smile, nod, or even discuss breeds, actions, and other dog topics.

Also, they can help us overcome trauma. One study found that the levels of depression among nursing home residents dropped dramatically after a dog moved there. It is clear that owning a dog has a positive effect on endocrine responses and stimulates the body to produce beneficial hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine that help reduce stress.

Not only that, dogs have a special bond with children. In fact, children with chronic illnesses often cope better with treatment when they are accompanied by dogs.

4. Dogs can detect cancer

Everyone knows that dogs have a wonderful sense of smell, but perhaps few people know it: dogs can smell cancer. A study in the journal Gut found that specially trained Labrador retrievers were able to accurately detect cancer when they sniffed a patient’s breath and stool samples.

Why we love dogs
Why we love dogs – Image: IG


Hopefully, the above article has answered the questions of most dog lovers “why do people like dogs?” and assist you in taking the best possible care of your canine friend.

To sum up, dogs are not only adorable but also bring a lot of benefits to their owners. That is why so many people love them. In general speaking, it is not natural that you love dogs! Everything is already in the calculation of nature.

On the contrary, do dogs actually love us? Read the artile to know.

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