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Why Does My Dog Hump Me? How To Stop It?

Although dogs are intelligent, they are still animals. Sometimes they cannot control their behavior, so it is inevitable that they will hump in public, even hump with their owners. Humping is quite common behavior in dogs and it embarrasses their owners, so you need to train the dogs to control their behavior.

So if the question “Why does my dog hump me?” have poped up into your head, humping appears to be an act that is intrinsically sexual in nature. This isn’t always the case, though. Humping is a natural tendency for dogs and a learned activity. Most importantly, it is perfectly normal. When your dog hugs people, annoys other dogs by bonding with them, or hugs excessively, it becomes a behavior problem.

Why does my dog hump me
Why does my dog hump me – Image: IG

Why Does My Dog Hump Me?


Hormones and sexual desire may cause an intact dog (not spayed or neutered) to hump other canines. When both dogs are intact, they frequently end up mating, thus if you don’t want that to happen, keep intact dogs of opposite sexes apart. An intact dog will occasionally hump a spayed or neutered dog.

Females hump as well, and it might be sexual or not. It’s possible that a dog’s humps on objects or humans are a type of masturbation. Although having your dog neutered or spayed may assist with the problem, keep in mind that dogs may establish the behavior of humping before being changed and continue to do so afterward.


Nonsexual stimulation is more likely to cause a dog’s hump to appear. It’s merely a technique for the dog to alleviate tension or burn off energy.

Some dogs hump, while others bark, run, or leap. This is a common occurrence in many dogs. If the behavior is persistent, training can assist by channeling your dog’s surplus energy to a different source.

In a similar vein, some dogs hump in order to attract attention or because they are bored. If this is the case, making sure they get enough activity, mental stimulation, and attention, when they aren’t humming, should help.


Play humping, like play fighting, maybe a perfectly natural and appropriate action between two dogs as long as one of them isn’t offended. Everyone is alright with some dogs humping each other back and forth. Some dogs just want to hump.

If one of the dogs appears to be disturbed by the humping, make careful to break it up. Play humping can be reduced by training (for example, running to your side when called).

Health Issues

You should rule out any medical issues before attempting to instruct your dog not to hump. While humping is rarely associated with a medical problem, there are a few possibilities. Humping can be caused by urinary tract infections, skin allergies, or priapism (permanent erection).

Other habits, such as licking the genital region or rubbing against furniture or other things, are comparable to this. Your veterinarian should be able to rule out any health issues as probable causes of humping.

Read more about different dog behaviors.

How To Stop Humping Dogs?

Because there are a variety of causes for dog humping, it may take some trial and error to convince your dog to stop. You obviously don’t want your dog to hump your visitors. You also don’t want to hump to result in a dog fight. Even slamming an object against a wall might cause harm (depending on the object). Fortunately, humping is typically avoidable with proper training.

There are 3 methods that you can try to stop your dog humping.

Method 1: Make a deafening noise. Say “NO” loudly and clearly, or make another loud noise. When dogs hump, they often fall into a trance, but a loud noise may be enough to jolt them out of it.

Method 2: Don’t pay attention to what’s going on. Dogs will occasionally climb people in order to get attention. To avoid attracting attention, push the dog aside or turn away from them. You may also take a seat or walk away from the dog to prevent them from mounting you.

Method 3: Put your dog in a “time out”. If your dog continues to hump, you may need to physically remove them from the location. When the dog humps, say “No!” or “Nope!” Then take the dog out of the room and into a quiet, enclosed space for a few minutes. Allow the dog to remain alone in the room for a few minutes until they have calmed down.

Dog humping
Dog humping – Image: IG


Hopefully, the above article has answered the questions of many dog lovers “Why does my dog hump me?”, and assist you in taking the best possible care of your canine friend.

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