Isn’t Owning A Pet More Affordable Than Kids?

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In the modern days, more and more couples are now starting to consider whether they should have a baby and raise the children till adulthood or adopt a pet and train it to become the family’s best friend. That’s why “Isn’t owning a pet more affordable than kids?” has became a popular question recently.

Nevertheless, choosing either will ignite a commitment to at least a few months of sleepless nights while your new source of joy adjusts to life and the duty of cleaning up odorous messes as your beloved angel looks at you with such innocent eyes. 

Finally, there is a financial factor that you have to consider thoroughly before bringing a new family member on board. This post will help you analyze some potential financial expenses and list some tips to lower the costs of raising a newborn baby or a newly adopted pet.

Isn't owning a pet more affordable than kids
Isn’t owning a pet more affordable than kids – Image: IG qtkco

Isn’t Owning A Pet More Affordable Than Kids?: First-Year Cost Estimates

To get you started, we will list some first-year cost components and price comparisons to give you a big picture about the expenses of having a baby versus adopting a dog, for example.

First and foremost, to get a dog, you will have to buy a dog from a breeder or owner, which would cost you $300 to $5,000, depending on the breed. However, the number would be such a relief if you realize that you will have to spend nearly $40,000 in order to adopt a baby from an agency.

Alternatively, if you want to save some money, you can also adopt a dog from a shelter for a fee ranging from $70 to $300. The above amount, nonetheless, is still more affordable than what you would have to pay for your hospital bill after delivering a baby ($2,200 to $2,700, depending on factors like the mother’s condition or the methods to get the baby out).

Next, after welcoming your little angel home, you will have to spend from $120 to $500 on dog food or over $1,600 on baby milk for the first year. To continue, baby clothes will draw around $860 from your wallet while you will have to spend only $20 to $150 for dog grooming sessions. 

Then, newborn individuals, whether they are dogs or babies, will love to have some toys so that they can stay active and entertained, and this category will cost you an averagely of $100 for a puppy, or over $400 for a baby.

Last but not least, the cost of health insurance for your baby will nearly double the package for your dog ($1,050 compared to $500).

Although the first-year cost to own and care for a dog is far less than what it takes to care for a baby, there are other expenditures to consider. For example, dogs with severe and extensive health issues will have to visit the local vets more often, which also means that more money will have to be spent on medications. Then again, this extra cost is also true for babies because they can suffer from unexpected illnesses or symptoms.

Some Tips On Reducing Costs

Tips On Reducing Costs Of Owning A Dog

When caring for a dog, it is not necessary to give yours the most expensive options. Instead, you can learn basic dog caring skills, for instance, to save hundreds of dollars each year. 

In addition to learning how to perform basic dog care tasks, you can also do the following to cut unnecessary expenses:

  1. Install a wireless pet containment system, which only costs around $250 compared to a fence, which can draw about over $25 per linear foot from your pocket.
  2. Find a Low-Cost Spay or Neuter Clinic
  3. Perform basic grooming needs, such as brushing, bathing, clipping nails and brushing teeth by yourself. Check out dog grooming guide and best grooming clippers to learn how to groom your pet.

Methods To Reduce The Cost Of Having A Baby

It may cost you several hundred thousand dollars to raise a child through age 17, let alone college tuition costs. However, in the first couple of years, you can save money on child costs by following these tips:

  1. Enroll in good health coverage: By having coverage that includes maternity benefits, you can save money on out-of-pocket expenses.
  2. Look for sales on clothing: By purchasing clothes at thrift shops, garage sales, or reputable websites such as, you will not have to spend too much on clothing. Also, you can exchange unused newborn outfits for larger-size clothes or other things you need. 
  3. Ask around for spare or used toys. You will not expect what your friends or relatives may have to offer.
Dog and kid
Dog and kid – Image: IG pnwcutecrew


Hopefully, the above article has answered the questions “Isn’t owning a pet more affordable than kids?”, and assist you in making the best decision for yourself.

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