Victor Wembanyama Reveals His Love for Reading Books Even While Competing Stephen Noh

Victor Wembanyama Reveals His Love for Reading Books Even While Competing Stephen Noh

Victor Wembanyama, standing at 7 feet 4 inches with a wingspan of 7 feet 11 inches, is considered the most valuable talent in the NBA arena. Just turning 20, the young French star has averaged an impressive 19.8 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 2.9 blocks per game in the 2023/24 season.

Victor Wembanyama Reveals His Love for Reading Books Even While CompetingStephen Noh
Victor Wembanyama Reveals His Love for Reading Books Even While Competing
Stephen Noh

Meanwhile, Brandon Sanderson, a 48-year-old literary author, is relatively unfamiliar to Vietnamese fans. Hailing from Nebraska, USA, he is renowned for his works in the fantasy genre.

At first glance, the two seem to have nothing in common. However, Brandon Sanderson’s books are the refuge Victor Wembanyama turns to whenever he needs mental relaxation.

“One of my hobbies is reading science fiction books. It helps me escape from the real world and calm my mind after training and competitions,” Wembanyama shared with The Sporting News.

For Victor Wembanyama, reading books is a constant, even during flights, practice sessions, before bedtime, and, surprisingly, during games. Many have witnessed Victor Wembanyama carrying his favorite books to NBA matches.

Growing up, Victor Wembanyama immersed himself in fantasy works, including the classic novels by J.R.R Tolkien such as “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings.” About 15 months ago, Wembanyama stumbled upon Brandon Sanderson’s books, and since then, the young French star has been closely tied to this author.

For Sanderson, it is a delightful surprise that his books have caught the attention of an NBA player. “This is truly surprising and gratifying. I grew up in a time when sports enthusiasts and book lovers were often seen as different. But this is something special,” Sanderson stated.

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Victor Wembanyama and Giannis Antetokounmpo (Getty Images) For Victor Wembanyama, Sanderson’s books have been a significant source of support during NBA competitions. Since LeBron James, no player has been scrutinized by the media and burdened with high expectations as much as Wembanyama. As a result, the young French star turns to Sanderson’s books to escape reality and gain motivation to overcome the immense expectations, pressure, and responsibilities in the NBA.

In his latest revelation, Victor Wembanyama mentioned the book he is currently reading, titled “Words of Radiance.” The young star has reached the climactic ending of the 1,000-page book, and, as a habit, he prefers not to rush to finish the book.

“I want to save this special moment for game days,” Wembanyama shared.

Following this, Victor Wembanyama achieved his first career triple-double, scoring 16 points, grabbing 12 rebounds, and delivering 10 assists in a victory against the Detroit Pistons.

“I love the world Sanderson has built. It’s truly a detailed and captivating setting,” Wembanyama added.

For Sanderson, he genuinely appreciates Wembanyama’s sharing. “When a basketball star enjoys my work, I feel truly grateful. I like the idea that people have various hobbies; that’s a part of life. You don’t have to be extraordinary to do extraordinary things. Enjoy whatever you like. That’s passion.”

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